Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Around the Blogosphere

Welcome to this new weekly update about what is going on around the blogosphere. Look for this new feature every Tuesday!

Here a few blog post and or article's that I found encouraging and uplifting this week. I know if you take time to view these you will be blessed!

1. Tim Challies has a wonderful review of Ligon Duncan’s book - Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? This is a great little post on suffering and how it effects everyone in the body. Click Here!

2. Here is an interesting post on how we should dress as Christian's, over at Slice of Laodicea. I like how the the author, Sam Guzman, approaches this subject with balance from the Word of God. Click Here!

3. Over at Team Pyro, there is a helpful article on man's responsibility and God's Sovereignty, by Phil Johnson. Click Here!

4. Grace to You has a very informative article called What is wrong with User Friendly? John MacArthur includes a right on quote by C.H. Spurgeon. Click Here!

5. Death is not Dying is a video testimony given by a women, named Rachel Barkey, who at the time was dying of cancer. She has since went on to be with the Lord. Click Here!

I hope these things encourage and strengthen you as you walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bro Pat

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