Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Around the Blogosphere

Welcome again to another installment of Around the Blogosphere. Here are some insightful and interesting Blog post and or sermons to check out this week.

1.) Phil Johnson has posted what he calls, a vintage post, from years past. It was originally posted in 2005. It is about whether we should play nice in defending for the faith, according to the postmodernist rules of engagement. You can read it here.

2.) In one of Tim Challies post this week, he has included a brief exert form the book by Kevin Deyoung, "Why Were Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be)". In the post there are many questions for you to test yourself on whether you are emergent or not. I hope none of you fail this test. You can read it here.

3.) Over at Grace to You, there is a thought provoking interview of John MacArthur on the subject, When Believers Stop Believing: Portrait of an Apostate. He gives some good insight and biblical teaching on this most important subject. You can read it here.

4.) On of the greatest missions stories I have ever heard was given by Harmon Schmelzenbach. It is the story of an African warrior, who is born again and becomes an indigenous missionary himself. This is a wonderful testimony to the grace and power of God. You can listen to it here.

I hope that you take time to enjoy these articles and or sermons.

Bro Pat

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