Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Little Things God Uses

I recently read a sermon by D L Moody that has got me thinking about the little things that God uses. So many times we are looking for the mighty in this world to accomplish great things. But it is The Lord's way to use the weak to accomplish great things for HIM (1Cor. 1:27). Let us remember that as the word of God says," His ways are past finding out." Here is a short list of those small things that God has used in scripture to bring about His purposes;

  • He used trumpets to bring down the walls of Jericho (Jos. 6:20)
  • He used a smooth stone to bring down a giant. (I Sam. 17:49-50)
  • He used a shepherd boy to become a great king in Israel. (1 Sam. 16:12)
  • He used one woman to preserve the nation of Israel. (Ester 7:6)
  • He used the rod of Moses to accomplish many miracles. (Exod. 14:16)
  • He used a boy's gift of food to feed five thousand. (John 6:9)
  • He used a jawbone to defeat a thousand men. (Jud. 25:15)
  • He used a widow to demonstrate we are called to give our all. (Luke 21:3)
  • He used a wooden cross to bring redemption to the elect of God. (Col. 1:20)
  • He used an hundred and twenty in an upper room to start his church. (Acts 2)

As the old song says, "little is much when God is in it". Do you view yourself as weak? Do you view the Lord Jesus Christ as one that can do the impossible through your weakness? Let us not forget the Lord's parable of the talents (Matt. 25:15-30) we are called to use them for the Glory of the Lord and not to profit ourselves. Do you only have one talent or gift? Use it to the Glory of God! Many times we believe that God can use us for his purposes, but we do not believe that He WILL use us. What state do you find yourselves in today? Are you a mother raising up Godly children? Are you a father leading a family? Are you a young child? Do you have a lot that you never thought that you would have? Then go forth and do work for God Almighty, in his strength and in His power. He so wants to use you to accomplish his will in this lost and dying world.

D. L. Moody said this about our talents:

"My experience has been as I have gone about in the world and mingled with professing Christians, that those who find most fault with others are those who themselves have nothing to do. If a person is busy improving the talents that God has given him he will have too much to do to find fault and complain about others."

If we are true Christians we will be missionaries. Christ came down from heaven on a mission (to seek and saved that which was lost), and if we have his Spirit in us we will be missionaries too. Do you desire to use your talents and gifts, no matter how small they may seem, to bring glory and honor God?

Bro. Pat

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